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Keep your Indoor Environment Healthy this Winter!

The winter months seem to be synonymous with colds and flu.  It is probably not a coincidence that our increased sugar intake (which depresses our immune systems) between Halloween and Valentine’s Day does not help to ward off the bad bugs.  But, what about our indoor environments where we spend more time in the colder, darker months and where these bad bugs may take up residence?

Recently, I enlisted the help of probiotics, yes, probiotics to clean my house and office as well as for sinus care and body cleanliness. Probiotics, those little microorganisms that we are familiar with when talking about a healthy gut, they are also very good at cleaning!  Because of our overuse of antibacterial products and antibiotics that kill good and bad bacteria, our indoor environments can become out of balance. The beneficial microorganisms should outnumber the bad guys like super bugs, viruses, fungus and mold 10 to 1 to keep us healthy and to give our immune system a fighting chance.

These beneficial microorganisms (probiotics) eat the biofilm that harbor bad bacteria in moist areas of your home like kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and on your body like sinus cavities and your mouth. An example of an unhealthy biofilm is the plaque that develops on your teeth between dental visits.  The probiotics do the hard work for you by out competing the “super bugs” for the food source and continuing to eliminate the biofilm for days as measured by ATP meters (a tool used in hospitals, restaurants and institutions to measure cleanliness).

P2 (P Squared) Probiotic products make your job easy as these soil based probiotics ravage the biofilm where the bad guys thrive – they do not destroy good bacteria in your indoor environment like your antibacterial soaps. Nor do they just mask the problem with heavy chemicals. P2 Probiotics products create a balanced ecosystem by putting the beneficial guys on the job to create a healthier environment for you, your family and your pets.

Spend less time cleaning and enjoy a healthier indoor environment this winter, with the help of the P2 Probiotics