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NeuroSoma is an extremely sophisticated and effective fingertip technique that corrects distorted nerve feedback to the cerebellum and restores hypertonic muscle tissue to normal tone. This cutting edge bodywork enables the body to heal itself. 

What is NeuroSoma?

NeuroSoma is a very delicate, yet remarkably powerful fingertip massage technique that relaxes hard, overly-contracted muscle tissue by stimulating small feedback nerves located within muscle spindle sensory receptors. Unlike regular massage therapy, NeuroSoma specifically addresses hyper tonic muscle spasm, which is different than ordinary tension in that it is produced by a malfunction of the nervous system. With a precise and limited pressure, the NeuroSoma myotherapist stimulates specialized feedback nerves in muscle spindles 

How does a NeuroSoma session differ?

You may come completely clothed for this type of bodywork.   It is recommended that you wear loose fitting cotton top and pants with an elastic waist band (like your favorite PJ's). Avoid rough, thick, slippery, shiny, or very tight clothing.  No oils or cream are used for this bodywork.  The therapist may begin the session by using the BioPulser which is a machine designed to vibrate at the natural resonant frequency of muscle. It is used to soothe the muscle to relax without over stimulating it to contract.

During the majority of the session the therapist will use a delicate fingertip technique which will help relax those tight contracted muscles that prevent you from doing what you love.  While the pressure is not great, it may feel like the therapist is using deeper methods.  This finger tip method will stimulate the nervous system to eliminate the numbing out effect of endorphins and restore sensation so you experience the true condition of your muscle.  It is important to understand that any discomfort you may feel is not from the pressure used by the therapist but due to the regained feeling of the true condition of your muscle.

Neurosoma addresses Hypertonic Spasm or “the excessive, insidious, permanent contraction of muscle caused by an accumulation of concentrated lactic acid” -Thomas Griner, Creator of the Biopulser and Author of “What’s Really Wrong with You, A Revolutionary Look at How Muscles Affect your Health”