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Prior to your massage hydrate with water to make your massage more enjoyable.  Dehydrated tissue is harder to work with and more painful for the client.  Arrive 10 minutes early so the therapist can speak with you prior to your session and discuss your completed health history form and review your goals for your session.  The massage treatment room is equipped with a massage table that has fresh linens for draping purposes and a heating pad during the colder months.  There will be soft music and dim lighting to enhance the relaxing experience.  You will be left alone to undress to your comfort level and to get on the table and under the sheets.  Remember to remove your jewelry and put your phone on 'airplane mode'.  Massage cream or oil may be used during your session.  If you have any allergies to oils, please alert the therapist.  Bolsters and pillows are used to keep you comfortable while lying down.  There is a face cradle that is used while you are face down - sometimes you may experience congestion in your sinuses - it is usually temporary while in this position. The massage is discreet, only the area being massaged will be uncovered.  Communicate with your therapist about anything that you find uncomfortable during your session such as pressure, pain, cold room, etc.  Remember to breath during your session - this will help reduce tension and assist in the flow of blood and oxygen in restricted muscle tissue.  Do not feel obligated to carry on a conversation - take the time to allow yourself to relax your body and mind.

Generally, you should feel great and more relaxed as well as more flexible and invigorated after an hour of massage.  Depending on the type of massage used in your session, you may experience some soreness or tiredness.  These responses may result from the detoxifying effect of massage or from some very specific work during your massage.  This can last up to 48 hours.

It is best to continue to hydrate after your massage as well as refrain from vigorous exercise for 24 hours after your session - unless you received a pre-event sports massage.  And, proper stretching is always a great way to maintain the increased flexibility that you experience after massage.

Please come dressed in comfortable, relaxed fitting clothing and be prepared to move. If you are not wearing shorts and exercise shoes, please be sure to bring them along.

We will first go over some basic health history information and find out more about your daily activities and what has brought you into the office. Photos will be taken of you standing barefooted and facing four different directions and there will be some basic exercises that we will watch you perform to learn more about your compensation patterns and/or deviations.

After gathering all of this information, we will begin to structure a set of exercises for you that will become the menu of e-cises that you will use on your own. We will thoroughly instruct you on how to perform each e-cise so that you will understand the nuances of each movement and so you will gain the most benefit from each. Most of these e-cises are very simple and sometimes relaxing. We will listen to the feedback that you provide, in the event, that we should modify your program. We do not want you to experience pain when doing these movements, so please communicate any discomfort.

Please come dressed to your video conferencing appointment in comfortable, relaxed fitting clothing and be prepared to move. We can work with you for your initial session or your follow up session to see what progress you are making with your exercises! For posture photos, please wear shorts and for the ladies, a jog bra or tank top. Please use a device with a moveable camera and find a 10' x 10' space with an unobstructed wall, a mat, a pillow, a chair and a yoga strap so we can be efficient in the session.

Each person is different. Some people will notice changes immediately but the lasting changes will take consistent practice. We recommend that you make a commitment to at least 8 sessions. We will be assessing your progress each time and may recommend an additional 8 sessions depending on your situation. Some more serious conditions may never change completely but the practice of doing e-cises will halt the potentially debilitating progression of condition.

Working with a certified Postural Alignment Specialist can greatly improve your success not only in the doing the e-cises but learning to do them correctly. You will find that these e-cises will become an invaluable tool for maintaining your health and wellness. Ideally, they should become a part of your regular routine.

Massage Therapy: You may call by phone at 703-752-4078 at any time or you may make your appointment on-line at your convenience. Many people will make their next appointment in advance when they are in the office.  Plan on getting a massage at least once per month for therapeutic benefits.  Don't wait until you are in pain - plan to take a stress break and avoid those painful out-of-the-blue neck and back aches.

Postural Therapy: Your initial appointment can be made by phone or on-line. Follow up appointments can be made as a recurring appointment on the same day and time. You can expect to come in weekly for the first few sessions and then every two weeks. It is good to keep changing up the e-cises so that your body is being stimulated in novel ways and by coming in often the PAS can monitor your progress with your menus.

Each insurer is different.  Check with your insurance company.  We can provide you with a receipt to submit to your insurer, if they do cover massage therapy.  You may also inquire about whether you can pay for your massage by using your Health Savings Account.

Be prepared to provide your previous medical or surgical history. Fill out the health history prior to coming in for your appointment.  If you are coming for a sports massage or a postural evaluation - please bring shorts and athletic shoes.

Yes! You may purchase your gift certificate on-line and have it delivered via email or if you are in the office we can create one for you to take with you.

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