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Tune In! Benefit from Regular Massage!

Do you feel how you tense up with the colder temperatures or when you get stressed during this time of the year? Staying calm and relaxed during this time of year can be a challenge! One of the very basic benefits of receiving a massage on a regular basis, is the feedback that you receive from your body.

It may seem like you are sailing through these hectic days with no ill effects.  You may not realize how tense your body is or how wound up you are because your adrenal organs are helping you out during those stressful times!   The adrenal organs release precious hormones to assist in times of danger or stress.  This is certainly necessary during real danger but it is costly to your body when your perceived danger is chronic stress.

A regular massage can benefit you during times of stress.  Therapeutic touch will provide you with feedback on the state of your muscles.  If you pay attention, breath and focus on your body during your session, you will receive the answer.  You do not need a super deep tissue massage to find out how your muscles are doing.  If you are tuning into your body,  you will feel how your body responds to therapeutic touch.   Tune in!

Receiving a massage one time a month is a recommended amount of time for someone who would like to benefit from massage therapy and to receive some regular feedback to the state of their body.  Put yourself first this year, and schedule a massage in advance to ensure that you come in for your monthly massage.  Schedule here: