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Positive Steps toward Healthy Habits!

Take some positive steps toward a practice of healthy habits to keep your immune system working for you!  During this slower time of isolation and reflection, here are ten (10) healthy habits to incorporate in your daily routine.

1. “Let food be they medicine” as Hippocrates said in the 5th century BC and choose to eat food that is more colorful and rich in vitamins and minerals – like real fruit and vegetables – organic when possible not manufactured.

2. And, don’t forget to Hydrate, too!

3. Avoid processed foods, processed sugar, sugary drinks (even alcohol) and any foods that cause your body to inflame.

4. Get outside and soak in some Vitamin D from the sunshine. Get out in the morning when the rays are less apt to burn your skin.

5. While you are outside, Move more! Sweat a bit! Go for a walk, find a new place to hike, go for a bike ride or find a nice spot to relax near a lake or river afterward!

6. Get good sleep and rest. Unplug at least an hour before going to bed and don’t take your devices to bed with you!

7. Focus on your breathe! Take nice cleansing deep breathes in and out – use your diaphragm!

8. Quiet your mind – focus on your breathe and allow your body to relax. Meditate 15-20 minutes a day.

9. Find more things to appreciate in your life right now. Write them down!

10. Encourage yourself with positive talk and repeat each of these healthy habits daily. Keep a journal of your progress!