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Why is it Important to Treat Scar Tissue?

A simple scar from childhood or one from surgery can have serious effects on your body as well as become a source of emotional pain

Scar tissue is not only what you see on the surface of your skin but it is a three dimensional web of fibrous tissue which has the potential to spread in any direction, even internally throughout the body and may involve the formation of adhesions.  Scar tissue may restrict movement of a joint or function of an organ and thus, impact a person’s overall health and well-being.

When a scar is in the mature stage of formation or at 12-18 weeks after the commencement of the wound healing process, the scar tissue release therapy may begin. Very old scars may also be treated with success. The therapist will evaluate the area of the scarred tissue and identify the adhesions surrounding it.  The manual process of spreading the scar tissue and breaking down the branches of adhesions will assist in lengthening and realigning the tissue.  The quality and function of the tissue will improve as the body brings nutrition and oxygen to this formerly restricted area.  A process of neuromuscular re-education, many times, will be necessary following this treatment to address the changes made.