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What is Neurosoma? an introduction to a cutting edge technique

As a massage student in 1996 and a then-competitive triathlete with an over trained body, I was fortunate to be introduced to Tamsin Stewart at one of my classes which showcased different types of bodywork.  She was practicing a type of bodywork developed by Thomas Griner which is now called Neurosoma.

In massage school, we were encouraged to experience different types of bodywork and as an over trained athlete I was always seeking the type of bodywork that would “fix” my ailments.  I scheduled an appointment with Tamsin and after receiving my first bodywork session from her, it was obvious that this was the technique that worked best for me.  While this type of work was no less painful for me (due to the condition of my muscles) than a deep tissue massage, it left my muscles feeling more expanded and more alive and, gave me the hope that things were on the mend.  It was not the same feeling following a session of deep tissue massage for me which usually left me cringing and feeling “mashed”.

What is Neurosoma?  It is a delicate fingertip technique  which targets the source of the pain as opposed to the symptoms that we feel.  It is a more precise technique which when applied with exact pressure and stroke will stimulate and heal the little feedback nerves that can go awry in the muscle.  If you have ever felt a muscle spasm, you wish that the muscle would stop contracting and relax to get some relief from the pain you experience at that moment.  Muscle spasms and overly contracted muscles can develop and your body many times will mask the pain with endorphin, especially when we ignore the initial warning signals given to us.  With the neurosoma technique, the feedback nerves are stimulated and this feedback loop is re-instated so your brain is aware of the muscle spasm and then, will decrease the amount of contraction to the muscle and restore function.

If you are interested in experiencing a session or would like to find out more about this technique, contact Tracey or make an appointment on-line.  Come find out first hand!