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"What is called genius is the abundance of life and health"  - Henry David Thoreau

my first nutritional evaluation:

A Nutritional Therapist (or NTP) is a certified practitioner who has completed a nine month course of study through the Nutritional Therapy Association with a focus on nutritionally supporting the body's natural ability to heal itself. Every human being has unique nutritional needs.  We recommend a nutrient dense whole food diet that is tailored for your individual needs at the time of your evaluation. 

The nutritional evaluation is a two part process.  The first part involves a thorough investigation of your health history, food choices, and symptoms of distress.  With this information, we perform a hands-on functional evaluation which will help determine more specifically what areas of the body needs support. This is non-invasive and a clothed evaluation.

When you make your initial nutritional appointment, it is best to select a date that is about one week in the future.  Upon making your appointment, your NTP will contact you via phone to find out more about your goals and to send you the paperwork that is necessary to complete and return 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.  The paperwork will include a 3 day food journal, a health history, a disclaimer and nutritional assessment questionnaire.

During the Initial Nutritional Evaluation we will review all of the paperwork and ask additional questions so that we can begin to get a picture of what you would like to achieve and where you have been in your wellness journey so far. It is best to be as honest as possible as everything is a potential clue to the health puzzle.

During the second appointment, the Functional Evaluation, we will begin to corroborate information from the first session in the hands-on evaluation. Please come hydrated and wearing comfortable and relaxed fitting clothing. Do not consume any food 30 minutes prior to this evaluation. We will be finding out more which nutrients will best support your body using a technique called Lingual Neural Testing (your body's way of confirming or denying what it wants).

From the evaluation process we are able to devise an individualized nutritional plan that will include eating more nutrient dense foods and may include taking food grade supplements temporarily. Depending on how motivated you are and your personality type, you may want to introduce these changes gradually or with full vigor  - we want to determine this so that we can meet you at your pace.  You may choose to take the nutritional plan on yourself or you may request follow up sessions.  Follow up sessions will provide you with additional feedback and changes that you can implement along your wellness journey. 

We want to maintain communication with you along the way so we can support you with any changes or healing symptoms that you may experience, Believe it or not, there can be detoxifying effects that occur when you introduce a clean whole food diet into your routine.  In addition, there may be a need to refer you to someone else who can give you further assistance and we are happy to make appropriate recommendations.

And, yes, we do focus on your digestive system and how it is functioning.  Along with the functioning of digestion we will also be interested in how your organs (specifically, pancreas, liver and adrenals) handle the processing of sugar and whether you are getting enough healthy fats in your diet which allow your cells to function optimally.  In addition, adequate hydration and the balance of key minerals and vitamins will be considered in the evaluation process.

We find when the basic digestive health is addressed and nutrient dense food is added, the body has an amazing capacity to heal many of the symptoms that people experience or have become accustomed to over the years. 

Some additional services that will be offered are grocery store tours and a pantry makeover.  The grocery store tour will educate the consumer not only about what to look for when purchasing foods that will help support the body and what to avoid but where to source the most nutrient dense foods.  The pantry makeover is for the person who needs some help organizing their pantry so there is more room for those nutritious selections that you will be purchasing at the store and farmer's markets and less temptation from the bar code foods that fill today's pantries.

In addition, we will occasionally be offering real food cooking classes where we introduce you to preparing food in a more traditional way - focused on getting the most nutrition and flavor from your food.  When possible we will provide tips on how to incorporate real food preparation and eating into your busy lives.



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